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Technology Implementation Center offers developers, pharmaceutical companies and investors cooperation in the field of development and implementation of new products for human and veterinary medicine. As for manufacturers of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment, we are ready to offer them partnership in promotion of their products on the Russian market.

For SSMU divisions

A priority task of Technology Implementation Center is provision of SSMU scientists with the technological basis for implementation of their developments.

We are ready to get in work on your research project at early stages already, in order to determine a plan of future work on R&D results implementation into practical activity as well as observe funding options for your development work.

Technology Implementation Center offers to carry out joint R&D, prepare grant applications and investment proposals on the topics connected with development of new drugs, diagnostic kits as well as parapharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

For scientific organizations and universities

Technology Implementation Center invites research teams of universities, research organizations, Russian and foreign R&D centers to cooperation in writing grant proposals within the Federal target programs “Development of the pharmaceutical and medical industries of the Russian Federation up to the year 2020 and further” (Pharma-2020); “R&D in priority directions of the Russian scientific technological complex for the years 2007-2012” as well as foreign grant applications and investment proposals.

Moreover, we are willing to undertake carrying out of parts of works related to exploratory work on pilot runs of substances and dosage forms, development of standardization techniques and methods as well as elaboration of technological and regulatory documentation on your projects.

When cooperating with us, you get the following advantages:

  1. The use of state-of-the-art pilot pharmaceutical and analytical equipment
  2. Development of technologies and exploratory work of pilot runs in conditions of real pharmaceutical production, organized in accordance with the GMP EU standard
  3. Work with the team of competent professionals in the sphere of development of drugs and products for human and veterinary medicine
  4. Using a network of contacts with research organizations and manufacturing enterprises

For pharmaceutical companies

Technology Implementation Center invites pharmaceutical companies to take part in innovation and research projects on development of inventive drugs and is ready to suggest the following directions of joint work :

  1. Preparation and realization of joint projects on development and launching into manufacturing of new drugs (including inventive BAS, me-too drugs, innovative pharmaceutical forms) and generic drugs.
  2. Carrying out of works by Technology Implementation Center on production of pilot runs of drugs (see the list of drugs in Pilot production section), elaboration of pharmaceutical technologies, production regulations, standardization methods and monographs as well as monitoring of preclinical and clinical research.
  3. Establishment of an R&D Center or a fundamental research laboratory on the basis of Technology Implementation Center, which will solve technological and research tasks of the manufacturer.

When cooperating with us, you get the following advantages:

  1. Resourse saving   - you don't need to purchase costly pilot and laboratory equipment and employ new specialists.
  2. Time saving for elaboration of new techniques, standardization methods and documents.
  3. Using research and staff potential of SSMU and other scientific organizations of Siberia

Opportunity to carry out joint development of innovative drugs.

For manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment

Technology Implementation Center invites manufacturers of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment to organize promo-centers and position product display samples for its promotion on the Russian market.

When cooperating with us, you get the following advantages:

  1. Constant non-commercial representation of your Company with technical and consultative support in Siberia.
  2. Training of pharmaceutical students using your equipment
  3. Advertisement of your trade mark among potential buyers in Siberia
  4. Development of new technologies and manufacturing engineering with the use of your equipment
  5. Solution of technological problems of corporate customers with the use of your equipment
  6. Work with a team of competent professionals in the field of development of drugs and products for medicine and veterinary medicine

The use of staff potential of the oldest medical university in Russia (SSMU was founded in 1888 and is nowadays ranked fourth in the rating of Russian medical universities).

For investors

Technology Implementation Center invites private and corporate investors to participate in innovation projects

Most of our projects need venture investments; conditions of joining the project are discussed for every single case.

To discuss possibilities for collaboration, please, contact us by phone:

Tel.: 8 (3822) 901-901

or find us at address: 2g Moskowski Trakt Street, building 18.