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How are new drugs developed?  (translation see below picture)

  1. Target discovery. Marina is a biologist. She studies biological targets- intercellular molecules that can be used to control pathological processes.
  2. Screening. Dima is a chemist. He works with the molecules that can interact with biological targets.
  3. Preclinical studies.  Rita is a pharmacologist.  She tests efficacy and safety of new molecules in lab animals.
  4. Process development. Sasha is a manufacturing chemist. She works on drug production technology and decides in what form the drug will be presented in a pharmacy.
  5. Clinical trial. Rustam and Arina are doctors. They study the effects of the drug on biological systems of patients.

Technology Implementation Center of Siberian State Medical University invites students, interns and post-graduate students from SSMU, TSU and TPU to participate in research and innovation projects on drug development.

Every Friday we hold open seminars devoted to assessment of new projects and ideas, analysis of global trends in biotechnology and pharmacy as well as acquaintance with external researchers and new residents. You are welcome to join us!

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